The Challenge

Empty Containers

With the global shipping and logistics industries losing over $30 Billion annually on storing, handling and distributing empty containers, CEC Systems have developed a solution that improves operational efficiency, enhances return on investment, and reduces the impact on the environment.


CEC Systems’ Training & Certification is offered to every new client as part of their initial purchase or lease. Offered in two forms, online and onsite, the Training & Certification program is designed to promote correct and safe operation of the COLLAPSECON® system, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and minimise insurance costs. Participation in the Training & Certification program gives operators the requisite qualifications to safely and efficiently operate the COLLAPSECON® system.


Despite its collapsing functionality, the COLLAPSECON® system is simple and easy to maintain, requiring a comparable amount of maintenance to a standard container. While conducting maintenance at every port around the world is not possible, CEC Systems offers maintenance services through our Accredited Maintenance Organisation program. This program offers inspection and maintenance of COLLAPSECON® units through our global support partners and ensures product quality as well as extending a units service life.


Environmental conditions plus general wear and tear can mean service lifetimes can vary between containers. CEC Systems is one of the first companies in the industry to provide an Asset Recovery Program, offering clients the ability to purchase or lease new COLLAPSECON® units at a discount when they trade in their old or damaged COLLAPSECON® or standard containers.