C-401 promises unprecedented levels of efficiency

Since 2015, CEC Systems has been collaborating with industry stakeholders to develop the COLLAPSECON® C-400 (Cargo-40Foot-Version 0), the company’s first collapsible container designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact and provide a better ROI for container owners and operators.

A combined set of 4 x COLLAPSECON C-400 units being handled during operational testing.

In 2017, CEC Systems completed design work on the prototype and commenced a series of sea trials to prove the effectiveness of the COLLAPSECON® design and research potential product enhancements. In the same year, the industrial tech company signed an MOU with the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) to optimise the C-400 design through the implementation of operational, engineering and manufacturing efficiencies.

In February 2018, CEC Systems and SIMTech completed their optimisation package for the C-400, which produced significant upgrades to the core COLLAPSECON® design and gave birth to the enhanced C-401. Some of the advances to be incorporated into the new C-401 design include; a 30% weight reduction to the overall system; a 28% increase in manufacturing efficiency; a strengthening of structural components; and a reduction in overall material requirements.

CEO Nicholas Press expressed his excitement for the roll out of the C-401, “The work conducted by our engineers and production facility, in collaboration with our partners at SIMTech, has produced some incredible enhancements on the original COLLAPSECON® design. When fully optimised, the C-401 will be an even bigger leap forward in container technology.”

With the development and testing of the C-400 now complete, CEC Systems and SIMTech have begun implementing the optimisation package into the C-401, which will be ready for commercial use by the end of 2018.

“The release of the COLLAPSECON® C-401 will represent a significant milestone, not just in our product development, but also for the company as a whole. The C-401 will offer a new level of efficiency, ROI and environmental benefit not yet witnessed across the industry”.