The Solution


Achieving a 4:1 ratio, the COLLAPSECON® C-400-HC is an innovative 40 Foot collapsible intermodal container which lowers the consumption of space when empty, costs of relocation, increases security, generates greater visibility and reduces waste at every point in the supply chain.

COLLAPSECON® is an innovative 40-foot shipping (intermodal) high cube container which collapses to achieve a 4:1 ratio, enabling 4 empty units to be efficiently collapsed and combined to form a single unit. COLLAPSECON® provides an innovative solution that improves operational efficiency, enhances return on investment, and reduces environmental impact.


Using the COLLAPSECON® system significantly reduces costs across the value chain which, in turn, can lower the price of products for consumers and encourage greater competition.

4 empty COLLAPSECON® containers can be repositioned in the same time it takes to reposition 1 standard empty container, without any change or additional charge

Unlike other collapsible containers, the COLLAPSECON® system’s end frames mean it can be stacked like a standard container (up to 10 on top). This means it can be stored at the bottom of a vessel during transit, or at empty container parks, with no disruption to the loading/unloading process

Uniformity with current industry operations, use of standard components, and simplicity of operation mean the COLLAPSECON® system can integrate seamlessly into your value chain and start generating operational efficiencies right away


Whilst the initial cost of the COLLAPSECON® system may be marginally higher than a standard container, the ongoing savings will provide a comparably much better R.O.I., and will continue to accrue over the lifetime of the system.

A combined COLLAPSECON® system (i.e. 4 empties combined) takes up the same space as one standard container and it stacks the same too. In this way, the COLLAPSECON® system creates revenue by generating 3 additional slots on transport or in storage that would otherwise be taken up by standard empty containers.

Pay as low as 25% of the distribution costs of a standard container when transporting empty COLLAPSECON® containers via road, rail or sea

Pay as low as 25% of the storage costs of a standard containers when storing at container parks and ports


Compared to using standard containers, COLLAPSECON® provides innumerable environmental benefits:

Less C02 emissions through fewer truck, train and ship movements

Less road and rail congestion means less wear and tear to major infrastructure

Less ships needed means less impact to the ocean

Less space needed for the storage of empties

Specs & Features

  • 4:1 collapsing ratio for improved handling, distribution and storage
  • Fully CSC Certified in both states; single unit and combined set of 4
  • 4 empty units collapse and combine using no external parts
  • 4 units combined retains the original dimensions of a standard intermodal container
  • Maintains an active load capacity similar to the relevant sized container
  • All COLLAPSECON® containers slot together perfectly, there are no A or B types
  • Can be loaded in either state, single or combined, anywhere on a vessel, truck, train or in storage
  • Each unit can be safely collapsed and combined by 2 people from outside the container in under 5 minutes


With the foundation that all innovation must be Simple, Affordable, Efficient and Safe (SEAS), CEC Systems collaborates with shipping and logistics industry stakeholders to develop integrated technology solutions to problems in the value chain now and into the future.



Uniformity with current industry operations, use of standard components and simplicity of operation, COLLAPSECON® offers ease of adoption.



Achieving a 4:1 collapsing ratio, COLLAPSECON® provides an efficient solution for the storage, handling and distribution of containers, reducing costs across the entire value chain.



Whilst the initial cost of the COLLAPSECON® system may be marginally higher than a standard container, the ongoing savings provide a comparably much better ROI, and continue to accrue over the lifetime of the system.



COLLAPSECON® is fundamentally simple to operate and maintain, offering true “stand-back functionality” to ensure operator safety at all times.