COLLAPSECON evolution complete

Since 2015, CEC Systems has been collaborating with industry stakeholders to develop the COLLAPSECON® C-400, the world’s first semi-automatic collapsible container system. The COLLAPSECON® has been designed to collapse to a quarter of its original size, enabling customers the ability to combine four empty units to form one single container. This innovation to the shipping and logistics industries drastically cuts costs associated with storing, handling and shipping empty containers around the globe.

With the assistance of an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant, CEC Systems has been working with the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) since 2017 to develop a fully optimized version of the COLLAPSECON® system that was both lighter and had more capacity than the C-400. As a result, CEC Systems is proud to announce the release of the COLLAPSECON C-401®.

“The C-401 represents the culmination of 4 years’ worth of engineering and experimentation,” explains CEO Nicholas Press. “We started with a very detailed specification and in developing the system came up against many challenges. For every unique solution created, there was an issue that would compromise our specification. Through R&D and prototyping we were able to develop a solution that meets the specification as well as meet industry’s needs.”

Some of the advances incorporated into the new C-401 design include; a 17% weight reduction to the overall system through a reduction in steel required; a 30% increase in manufacturing efficiency by redesigning all components for mass manufacturing; a strengthening of structural components to support 382 Ton top load; and an increased internal and cargo capacity.

The fully optimised commercial version of the C-401 system is now ready for market, promising a new level of efficiency, return on investment and environmental benefit not yet witnessed across the industry.