CEC Systems to continue collaboration with SIMTech

Sydney-based industrial technology developer CEC Systems announces new collaboration agreement with the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), a research institute under the Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

Over the past 11 months, SIMTech has been working with CEC Systems to optimise their core product, COLLAPSECON® C-400, a 40 foot shipping container that can be collapsed and combined whenever empty to reduce handling, storage space and transportation costs.

“Testing of loading conditions, damage tolerance, buckling analysis, shape optimisation and a number of other key outcomes were a key focus for our work with SIMTech,” explained Nicholas Press, CEO of CEC Systems. “In particular, SIMTech were able to identiy several parts of the COLLAPSECON® C-400 design that were over-engineered, resulting in us simplifying components, whilst still meeting certification standards. Another key discovery was that a 30% weight reduction across several key sections could be achieved without increasing manufacturing costs, which is very significant as we move to producing larger quantities of the upgraded C-401”.

With the success of their first collaboration, the two groups are pleased to announce the launch of a new collaboration agreement in which SIMTech will continue to support CEC Systems to enhance the structural design, implement previously identified weight saving strategies, seek additional manufacturing efficiencies, and test adhesives to achieve optimal sealing throughout the system.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for our team to help optimize this inspiring design concept”, said Dr Stefanie Feih, Senior Scientist and project lead from SIMTech. “We are excited to support CEC Systems all the way to product certification and launch”.

“The support we have received from SIMTech to date has been incredible,” said Nicholas Press. ”As we continue to upgrade the COLLAPSECON® C-400 series, we are pleased to be supported by an organisation focused on achieving a real impact in design, engineering and manufacturing. Their insights and experience have enabled us to develop an even better product that will drive real innovation and efficiency across the shipping and logistics industries. I am looking forward to building on the great level of collaboration we have established”.

Prerana Mehta, Australian Trade and Investment Commissioner (Austrade) to Singapore, said, “Australian start-ups like CEC Systems, collaborating with high caliber Singapore entities such as SIMTech, exchanging ideas and developing new technologies, is exactly what we are encouraging.”