CEC Systems launches in Australia

Sydney-based industrial technology developer CEC Systems officially commenced operations on August 5th 2015. Founded on the basis of one simple observation – that empty shipping containers are everywhere – CEC Systems is pioneering solutions to the complex global challenges facing the shipping and logistics industries. Their first challenge: to reduce the impact of empty containers and support the increase in world trade.

Containers are needed to facilitate the movement of freight but where trade imbalances exist, it can become equally costly to move and store an empty container as it is to move and store a full one. Today the global logistics and shipping industries are hampered by empty containers. They represent a waste in time, money and resources. Empty containers result in major losses throughout the value chain – a problem that is yet to be satisfactorily addressed and will continue to grow with trade.

With over 35 Million containers around the world, empty containers account for approximately 10% of all container assets in circulation, and are responsible for over 20.5% of global port handling. This means that empty containers must be ‘juggled’ around full containers, but without the benefit of generating any income.

Specialising in collapsing container technology, CEC Systems pioneers innovation through collaboration with industry owners, operators and other key stakeholders to ensure that we design, develop and manufacture simple, efficient, affordable and safe technology that enhances operational processes and increases global trade, without generating new problems or expenses.

That’s where CEC Systems’ Smarter Shipping Technology comes in. The COLLAPSECON® container range will be the world’s only semi-automated collapsible container capable of achieving a 4-1 collapsing ratio. In keeping with CEC Systems’ integrated design philosophy, the COLLAPSECON™ is 75% compatible with existing industry standards, materials and manufacturing processes.

However, CEC Systems technology goes beyond containers, offering a comprehensive range of secondary products and support services including COLLAPSECON® variants, collapsing and stacking systems, electronic asset management systems, commercial sales and leasing divisions, training and certification services for operators, fleet maintenance, asset buyback programs, and research and development.

CEC Systems’ “Strategic Partner” mindset means they work tirelessly to understand the needs of all stakeholders, and build in benefits for every part of the supply chain their technology touches. This commitment to creating efficiencies throughout the supply chain puts CEC Systems in a league of their own.