CEC Systems joins Austrade’s Singapore Landing Pad

Sydney-based industrial technology developer CEC Systems has been selected for Austrade’s innovative global startup network, Landing Pad, out of Singapore.

CEC Systems will now join a handful of Australia’s most promising startups who have made Singapore their short-term operational home to benefit from Austrade’s extensive global network of contacts in Singapore and the ASEAN region.

Launched earlier this year as part of the Australian National Innovation and Science Agenda, Austrade’s Landing Pad provides market-ready Australian startups access to some of the world’s most renowned innovation and startup ecosystems. Other cities currently hosting Landing Pads include Berlin, San Francisco, Shanghai and Tel Aviv.

The initiative creates an immersive environment designed to accelerate the development of a startup’s product or service business model by exploring in-market business development, investment, mentorship and strategic partnership opportunities.

Singapore’s Landing Pad is an initiative launched under the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership signed by Singapore and Australia in 2015 to deepen cooperation between the two countries in trade and economics, foreign affairs, defence and security as well as people-to-people ties.

CEC Systems’ acceptance into Austrade’s Singapore Landing Pad marks the start of their global expansion according to CEO Nicholas Press. ‘As a technology company working in the shipping and logistics industry, we identified early on that Singapore was a key location that we had to expand into. Singapore has always been known as a global shipping hub, and for CEC Systems it is crucial that we position ourselves where the key decision makers are. Acceptance into Austrade’s Singapore Landing Pad will greatly assist in reducing the risk and uncertainty of moving into a new market and, thanks to this initiative, Singapore will now become our global base’ he said.

‘CEC Systems is a great example of the type of tech savvy start-ups that will benefit most from the Landing Pad – they are using Singapore as a base through which to connect with the innovation ecosystem, leverage the Austrade network and expand globally’ said Prerana Mehta, Singapore’s Trade and Investment Commissioner.

Geraldine Doogue

CEO Nicholas Press chats with Geraldine Doogue from ABC Radio National about CEC Systems, Austrade’s Landing Program and the importance of Singapore.

On a recent trip to Singapore, Geraldine Doogue, broadcaster for Radio National, Australia visited the Australian Landing Pad. Listen to the conversation Geraldine had with Joseph Ziegler, Austrade’s Landing Pad Manager and Nicholas Press.

CEC Systems acceptance into Landing Pad is yet another signal of Australian government confidene in the Sydney-based tech company who received a AUD$282,000 Accelerating Commercialisation grant from AusIndustry to explore the commercial benefit of their semi-automated Collapsible-Economic-Container, COLLAPSECON®, to the shipping and logistics industries compared to traditional shipping containers.

And now with the support of Austrade and Singapore, CEC Systems is ready to lead the global evolution of shipping and logistics, pioneering integrated solutions to the complex challenges facing these industries.