CEC Systems win at Australian Good Design Awards

CEC Systems has been honoured to win a Product Award for Commercial and Industrial Design at the Australian Good Design Awards (GDA). Announced Thursday 11 July 2019, CEC Systems received the award for the innovative design of the COLLAPSECON® C-400, the world’s first semi-automated Collapsible-Economic-Container that enables 4 empty units to be collapsed and joined to form a single container. This award has recognised the tech company for their commitment to innovation across the shipping and logistics industries.

CEO Nicholas Press stated “It is an honour to be recognised by the Good Design Awards committee. We at CEC Systems have a commitment to innovation in support of the shipping and logistics industries and to receive a Good Design Product Award for Commercial and Industrial from the premier design awards agency is humbling”.

Australia’s annual Good Design Awards (https://good-design.org/) program is one of the oldest and most prestigious international design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958. It is recognised by the World Design Organization (WDO) as Australia’s peak international design endorsement program. Every year, the GDA’s showcase superior examples of good design across a diverse spectrum of design disciplines and categories and CEC Systems is honoured to be included among them for 2019.

To be considered for a Good Design Award, a product is expected to excel in the areas of both innovation and impact. As a unique, ground-breaking design, winning products are expected to push boundaries in ways most likely to make a significant social, commercial and environmental impact. Within the Product Engineering category, a product is evaluated on the basis of its form, function, safety, sustainability, quality, commerciality and innovation. For a project to succeed in this category, it must excel in all possible areas of Engineering Design.

A Good Design Tick is one of the most recognised international design endorsement symbols, demonstrating CEC System’s commitment to the highest standard of innovation and excellence when it comes to the design of their products. This award is a sign to consumers and the rest of the industry that COLLAPSECON® shipping and logistics technology is world-class engineering, as determined by a panel of experts, and an evolutionary step for the humble shipping container.