Where we started

CEC Systems was founded by Nicholas Press, a Strategic Logistics Officer in the Australian Regular Army. During his deployment to Afghanistan in 2008, Nicholas observed an accumulation of empty intermodal containers at operating bases, often where space was a limited and valuable commodity.

The empty container problem inspired Nicholas to investigate inefficiencies in shipping and logistics beyond military operations. Spending over three years studying the greater logistics, transportation and shipping industries, and the global trade factors that drive them, he came to understand that empty containers were just one of the many problems creating significant losses across the value chain.

Starting with the problem of empty containers, Nicholas went about designing a 40-foot intermodal shipping container that could collapse to at least one quarter of its original size. The result of his endeavors was the world’s first semi-automated Collapsible-Economic-Container known as COLLAPSECON®.

CEC Systems Pty Ltd was officially founded in 2015 with the COLLAPSECON® at the forefront of its shipping and logistics technological innovations.

How far we’ve come

  • 2015


    Since 2015 CEC Systems have been collaborating with industry stakeholders to better understand market, industry and operational challenges and find solutions which promote long-term efficiency and effectiveness. Some of these collaborators include the University of New South Wales’ School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), Lloyd’s Register, and the

  • 2016


    2016-17 saw the development of the COLLAPSECON® system, the proof of concept, and rigorous testing. During this period CEC Systems won an Accelerating Commercialisation grant from the Australian Government to explore the commercial benefit of COLLAPSECON® to the shipping and logistics industries compared to standard shipping containers.

  • 2017


    In 2017, CEC Systems became 1 of 24 companies chosen from across the Asia-Pacific to join the Ernst & Young’s global Accelerating Entrepreneur competition. Six months later and the industrial technology company was one of a handful of Australia’s most promising startups to be selected for Austrade’s innovative global startup network, Landing Pad, out of

  • 2018


    As of 2018, CEC Systems have established its global operations office in Singapore, one of the world’s global shipping hubs. The move has always been a priority for the shipping and logistics technology company and has placed CEC Systems in the heart of the action, and at the gateway to European, ASEAN and Chinese markets.

What we do now

CEC Systems collaborate with industry stakeholders to develop integrated technology solutions to the challenges facing the shipping and logistics industries. With the foundation that all innovation must be Simple, Affordable, Efficient and Safe (SEAS), we research and experiment with new concepts to ensure we continue to drive innovations that benefit everyone in the value chain now and into the future.

With the global shipping and logistics industries losing over $30 Billion annually on storing, handling and distributing empty containers, CEC Systems’ COLLAPSECON® provides an innovative solution that improves operational efficiency, enhances return on investment, and reduces the impact on the environment.

How we do it

Through extensive industry collaboration, CEC Systems has come to understand the four key problem areas impacting shipping and logistics as Waste, Productivity, Efficiency, and Security.

With the foundation that all innovation be pursued under the principles of being Simple, Affordable, Efficient and Safe (SEAS), CEC Systems researches and develops integrated technology solutions to these industry problems now and into the future.

  • Return on Investment

    Whilst the initial cost of the COLLAPSECON® system may be marginally higher than a standard container, the ongoing savings will provide a comparably much better ROI, and will continue to accrue over the lifetime of the system. CEC Systems are confident the additional investment in a COLLAPSECON® unit can be returned within 14 months.

  • Operational Efficiencies

    Using the COLLAPSECON® system reduces costs across the logistics chain which, in turn, can eventually lead to lower prices of products on shelves and encourage greater competition. Uniformity with current industry operations, use of standard components, and simplicity of operation mean the COLLAPSECON® system can integrate seamlessly into your value chain and start generating operational

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Compared to using standard containers, COLLAPSECON® provides innumerable environmental benefits by cutting C02 emissions, decreasing ship, road and rail congestion, reducing market dumping of containers at ports, and dramatically shrinking the space needed for the storage of empties.

Who we are