The evolution of shipping and logistics must be Simple, Efficient, Affordable and Safe (SEAS).

CEC Systems is pioneering integrated technology to meet the global challenges of shipping and logistics now and into the future.

Pioneering Shipping and Logistics innovation

At the forefront of our innovations is the world’s first semi-automated Collapsible-Economic-Container. Achieving a 4:1 ratio, COLLAPSECON® enables 4 empty units to be collapsed and joined to form a single container, significantly reducing the cost of storing, handling and distributing empty containers.

CEC Systems are an industrial technology company developing integrated solutions to the complex global challenges facing the shipping and logistics industries.

Integrating the COLLAPSECON® system into your value chain will improve your operational efficiency, provide a better return on your investment when compared to standard containers, and reduce your company’s impact on the environment.

A world of opportunity

Sea travel has been instrumental in the development of civilisation. Seaborne trade networks provided great economic power to many Empires throughout history and the expansion of these routes led to the Age of Exploration and Discovery.

Shipping and logistics remain the cornerstone of world trade today. Over the past 20 years, global container traffic has grown at an astounding rate and with increasing population, wealth, consumption and industrialisation trends, it’s predicted to continue growing.

What are the big challenges?

Due to trade imbalances, container repositioning costs vs. manufacturing and leasing costs, and conflicting agendas along the supply chain, the shipping and logistics industries face complex challenges on a global scale.